Four years ago I officially committed to a journey I had started on years before by stripping away my safety net of electric guitars, amplifiers and drums down to just my voice and an acoustic guitar by releasing 2013’s Borrowing Trouble.

I had found great inspiration in my spirit animal Johnny Cash’s collaborations with the great producer Rick Rubin beginning with 1994’s American Recordings to the posthumous American VI:Ain’t No Grave.
I always wanted to release an intimate recording so in 2013 I did so under the title Borrowing Trouble and since then I have been fortunate enough to play those songs plus a collection of others from all corners of my career for people.

Now four years later while touring throughout the US and Canada I will be filming a live DVD for the first time ever. People the world over ask if I’ll be coming to their backyard and now I can say YES via this forthcoming live DVD until I can physically do so.
It has always been my dream to grab a guitar and just hop on a plane, train or any kind of conveyance and play music for and with my friends the world over. It is one of my greatest joys to see that dream realized, continuing and growing.

Stay tuned with the Live DVD Pledge for all updates and incentives to follow.
I am the luckiest man alive to have had my friends follow and support me in all incarnations of my career. I cannot thank you enough for making this new project possible, too.
See you out there on the road. Enjoy my first ever solo DVD!

Big love
Your loyal and humble servant


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